Emigration from Lippe to the USA  

Naturwissenschaftlicher und Historischer Verein für das Land Lippe e.V.

The database Lippe - USA

Nowadays a lot of family- and home researchers in Germany are wondering why so many people had emigrated to the USA. What have been the reasons and where have these people and their descendants been left ?

Even in the USA there is a deep interest in knowing about their own origin and the descendants want to know more about their own ancestors.

With this homepage about emigrants from the former county LIPPE we are trying to be a meeting point for both the descendants of the emigrants and those who have stayed at home. This is to fix the question about the origin and whereabouts of the emigrants.

The begining of the data on this homepage is the collection of Dietmar Willer.
He has been looking for years through the American emigrant lists for people from LIPPE and put them together in a spreadsheet.

Members of the genealogical working group transformed this into pdf-files. These pfd-files could be downloaded from the start page!

Transforming the files the group realized that there are more facts included as they could show in the pdf-files. This fact was discussed and a solution was found :
Due to the fact that all participants of the project are working with the genealogy program “GF-AHNEN” the data was transformed by Olaf Biere and Friedel Lübbertsmeier through Access to the data format of GF-AHNEN.

After this operation the data of about 8,890 people were captured as single persons – without any connection between each other. Than some editors put these singles together to families. In addition the facts of birth, marriage and death were collected as far as this was possible without longer research.

Often an entire family emigrated – to better show the coherence, parents, grandparents and siblings were registered, too.
Later on the data from the books of Mr. Verdenhalven, yet not identified by Dietmar Willer, will be added. Furthermore facts which are not registered by both of them will be recorded.

In the course of time a central database will arise including all “LIPPER” (people from Lippe) who emigrated to the USA. In the long run a map displaying each place (with description) where emigrants settled will be developed.

Herbert Penke -

[Translation by Harald Deppe who would appreciate any correction in grammar and vocabulary]